Glenn Bracey on power sharing, self care for people of color, controversial terminology


What are the dangers of centering the perspectives and desires of White people in conversations about racial diversity?
How would you respond to someone who asks, "What does decentering whiteness look like?"
What about a White Christian leader who says that the people of color in their organization are content with things the way they are so there is no need for change?
How can we tell if a person's views are typical of individuals in their racial group?
What you just shared may sting a bit for some individuals of color in predominantly White spaces. What would you say to those individuals?
Many people of color pay a high price for trying to be change agents in predominantly White organizations. At what point is the personal cost too great to stay?
Critical race theory is a highly debated topic right now. Can you help us understand what it is and what it isn't?
The individual tenets of what you described don't sound "anti-Christian" but many people think CRT is anti-Christian and very scary. Why do you think that is?
Can you tell us about the book you are working on?
Do you have any final recommendations based on our research?