Daniel Hays on biblical justice, race / ethnicity in the Bible, racial diversity in Christian higher education


What is your advice for Christians who want to do their part to help promote racial justice in the United States?
You have been writing on the topic of race from a theological perspective for many years. Have you experienced pushback?
What are some practical ways you are trying to be a voice for change?
We've heard from a number of leaders who have shared that seminaries are difficult places to promote racial justice. Has that been your experience? If so, what can we do about it?
You have been speaking and writing on the topic of race for about 20 years. Have you seen any changes during that time?
What would your advice be to someone in their early 20s who would like to write on the topic of race?
Are there themes in the Bible related to racial justice that you would like to see more people write about?
What is a book that you have read recently that you think has made a big contribution in this area?
How can Christian higher education do a better job of recruiting and retaining faculty members of color?
How Christian colleges create environments where faculty members of color can thrive?