Derwin Gray on multiracial organizations, dealing with pushback, relying on the Holy Spirit


Brennan: Can you share with us about the work that you have been doing?
Brennan: Racial justice protests are currently taking place (Summer 2020). What will it take for racial justice to be achieved?
Brennan: Can you share some examples of how power sharing takes place in your church?
Emerson: You were told it wouldn't be possible to lead a multiracial congregation as a Black pastor, but you now have a large church. What has worked?
Bracey: You mentioned that you receive pushback when you talk about conservative politics. What forms has that taken and what has worked to address it?
Emerson: Can you share about the three week training you ask new members to go through?
Brennan: Your congregation appears to have much higher levels of dialogue and power sharing than we typically see in multiracial congregations. Why do you think that is?
Emerson: You are saying that a multiethnic church means more than just having diversity. It means sharing, training, helping, and empowering. Why is that so hard for many people to grasp?