Dominique Gilliard on discipleship experiences, criminal justice data and reform, financial activism


What are some practical things that Christians can do to help promote racial justice in our country?
How can we cultivate efforts to care for the most vulnerable groups in our society like Jesus mentioned in Matthew 25?
Do you feel like the momentum is heading in the right direction or the wrong direction in terms of criminal justice reform?
Can you share a bit about the relationship between individuals with mental health challenges and incarceration?
Why are so many people with mental health challenges ending up in the incarceration system? Can you share some of the history about how we got to this place?
What are some steps that people can take to help to change the problematic dynamics you have described?
What are some additional ways we can use our economic power to help promote criminal justice reform?
Are there some additional ways that Christians can be advocates for reform?
Can you talk a little about the privatization of the prison system?
What is your advice for someone who is trying to understand the dynamics in the criminal justice system?
What are some suggestions you would give for people who want to help change the dynamics you've described?
There is great work being done to reform the criminal justice system by groups that are not Christian based. Do you recommend that Christians consider partnering with those groups even though they may not agree with everything the group stands for?