Helen Lee on Christian publishing, barriers to progress, writing on racial justice


Can you share a little about your background and the work you are currently doing?
What type of recommendations would you give to Christians who want to help in the area of racial justice?
How is it that your organization has been producing books on racial justice for 20 years but still has work to be done in this area?
Can you share about the exciting project you are working on to highlight the perspectives of leaders of color?
What is your perspective regarding that state of Christian publishing and whose voices are being amplified in U.S. Christianity?
What would your advice be to conference leaders who say that they didn't invite leaders of color to speak because they don't have people of color in their relational networks?
How can leaders move past tokenism and practice effective power sharing?
What are some steps leaders can take to help their organizations to be more healthy spaces for people of color?
Oftentimes people of color must be affirmed by White Christians before they are given a platform to share their perspectives. How can we avoid that?